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Would you believe…

that a guy born in New York City, being educated amongst others in a European school in Brussels, whos father sat 5 Years in the European parliament, while having a Turkish grandfather who was interior minister of Turkey and murdered for political reasons, is able to fuck up a country with lies, pushing the people to vote for Brexit and then after blocking all reasonable proposals to do so, is becoming Prime Minister?



Aber wir haben Ja Angie, die den Maccaroni aus Frankreich so was von verarscht hat. ivermectin drug catergory So schickte sie das Leiden nach Europa, auf das die Beiden über alle herrschen. ivermectina tabletas dosis

Deshalb schickte ich heute folgende Mail an die Times:

Dear Times,

after the honorable Mr. Boris Johnson became Prime Minister I had the dream to draw a caricature. But my pity is, that I am not only German, I also have no ability to draw such things. No talent at all.

My idea about the caricature is not for now, it is for the day October 31 or November 1, 2019. compre quanox The idea is to show Mr. Boris Johnson naked crawling on all four extremities on the ground watched and domesticated by two dominas – Ursula von der Leyden and Angela Merkel.

Maybe one of your caricaturists is willing to draw this.

In deep respect to Brittany and it’s people.

Yours Faithfully,

Dieter Adolf Kölbel

Ach und noch einen Nachsatz zur Moral: Moraltest!

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